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1969 Road Runner 440-6
This is a REAL M-Code 1969 1/2 440-6 RoadRunner!

The current owner of this car has known the car for a long time. His father bought the car when it was less than 6 months old!! It changed hands a few time but it has been in the same West Virginia/Kentucky area all its life.

The car was restored about 10-15 years ago and had some chrome add-ons put on. But in our capable hands it was once again restored to its original condition. While the car looked good when we started on it, after soda blasting we found some of the previous body work was not up to Blue Star standards. We had to replace some floor pans and work with the exterior panels to make this car the best it could be!

This RoadRunner is Vitamin C Orange with a black vinyl top and interior. It has a bench seat with an automatic transmission on the column. Of course, it has the fiberglass lift off hood and 4:10 Dana rear end they all had.