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Suspension Detailing

We take suspension detailing to a whole new level of expertise!

Engine Detailing

A clean and detailed engine compartment is the finishing touch for any muscle car restoration.

Body & Paint

Crisp, clean body lines and a gorgeous paint job is what you'll get at Blue Star!


At Magnum Auto Restoration there is NO job too large or too small.

We have the capability to do the complete restorations; including total panel replacement all the way down to just common maintenance.

Many of the processes involved with restoring a car are done right here at our facility so there is no need to ship the car out to another shop.

Other processes such as engine and transmission rebuild, plating and chroming, are sent out to be restored by shops that we have good relationships with and know that their quality will match the high standards that you expect to get from us.

Full Rotisserie Restorations

This is a labor involved process that includes completely disassembling the car to a bare shell and having all of the mechanical components rebuilt, all of the proper plating performed on the miscellaneous bolts and brackets, and a high quality body and paint performed on all of the sheet metal surfaces.

This is the kind of job that can give you amazing results and make your car a national contender!

Partial Restorations

Some people only need to have one part of the Full Restoration performed. It can include just body and paint, an engine or transmission rebuild or detail, or a suspension rebuild and detail.

Some others will just want a complete restoration of all aspects of the car, but not having the car put on a rotisserie to restore the bottom of the car.

Interior Installation

We also do interior restorations.

We feature Legendary Auto components. We can also paint the metal, plastic, and vinyl parts of your interior to make the entire interior look like new.

Component Restoration

No detail goes un-noticed, because it's the little things that count.

We can also restore smaller components for you if your are trying to do it yourself.

Items such as engine parts, exterior trim, or suspension parts can be restored cosmetically and mechanically for you.