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1970 Challenger TA
This is indeed one rare Challenger T/A!!

Only 23 Black T/A's were ever made and of the 23, this is the only one with a factory white top!! Not only does it have a white top, but it also has a white interior!! In addition to a factory white top, it has a factory 4speed in it. Even better, it's a Mr. Norm's car! Being that it is a Mr. Norm's car, the owner was able to get all the original paperwork from Mr. Norm. He even had the original order form signed by the salesman that ordered it back in 1970! The owner also has the build sheet and fender tag.

The owner of this car originally had it painted at another body shop, but he decided to have us repaint the car to make it once again the unbelievable show stopper it was intended to be. This Challenger has all of its original sheet metal with the exception of the right fender, which was replaced years ago with an NOS piece after an accident.