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1970 Plymouth SuperBird
This SuperBird is a numbers matching car from front to rear. It has the original Fender Tag still in place. It is a 440 4BBL auto on the column car. It is painted its original FJ5 Lime Green color.

Everything on the car has been rebuilt. Some reproduction parts were used during the restoration but original parts were retained whenever possible. Also, there were many NOS Parts used during its restoration including: tail light assy's, rear side markers, backup lamp assy's, front park lamp assy's, front rub strip, master cylinder and more! The car was brought to Illinois from Texas in 1983 and I have owned it since 1990. It was a very dry car and had a few panels replaced during restoration. Those were the left 1/4 panel, the trunk floor and the drivers front floor. None of the replacements are easily detected.

The bottom of the car is done in the correct factory over spray lime green over the dark gray primer. All of the suspension has been painted to look like bare metal were it is supposed to be and to keep the suspension parts from rusting.